Korngold Quartet
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     Since  September 2011 our ensemble has been renamed Korngold Quartet, but nevertheless we are not di Gioia anymore we believe that we will still bring joy by our playing and also by introducing the Korngold´s music to our audience. Erich Wolfgang Korngold was born in Brno so we find it quite symbolic because our ensemble also comes from this Czech city.

     During our study at the Conservatory of Music in Brno we started to discover the chamber music world. First Břetislav Vybíral (violoncello player of the Janáček Quartet) and later prof. Adolf Sýkora (former member of the Janáček Quartet) helped us understand that „just“ to learn your own part is not enough. One of the vital things for the string quartet is to be in tune not just from the musical point of view but also humanly. Very important thing for us was a year exchange program at University in Vienna where we started to cooperate with Univ-Prof. Johannes Meissl (Artis Quartet) who provided us many inputs concerning work with score, looking for the harmonically balanced sound, own musical opinoion and convincing interpretation.

     We´d like to pass on through our music the messages which composers put into their works – often a personal confession, life testimony whose intimacy and importance is put well by these four string instruments.

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